Solving Your Technology Puzzles


Welcome to Simply Support Inc. – Thank you for visiting.

Simply Support Inc. provides Total IT Support for Small Business.  Whether you’re a single person operation, or a company with multiple locations, we have the experience and expertise to help ensure your technology does what you need it to, so you can do what you need to do, which is run your business.

Most IT companies you investigate will claim do the same thing and that’s what we’re supposed to do.  What sets Simply Support apart is our approach.  As the name implies, we keep it simple.

The core philosophy in business is this: when we do our job right, you’ll rarely need to call us.  To accomplish this, we work with our clients to understand their business, to help make the right recommendations to accomplish their goals both now and in the future, based on their budget and their goals, and support the most important part of your technology, you (and your users), so you can get on with the task of running your business.  Most importantly, we treat every customer the same, whether they’re an employee in a company of 100, or the 1 man shop down the street, and that is with exemplary customer service and response.

Even though we don’t want to hear from you (we’d like to think everything is working perfectly, and you don’t need us), we will always be there when you DO need us.  We try to always answer the phone, and it will be extremely rare you end up with our voicemail.  Further, we have never billed a client for a five minute phone call, and never will.  The reason for this is simply we’d rather you ask the question before you accidentally break something and really need our services.

We sell business class equipment exclusively to ensure your investment lasts, offer solution based billing, and create budget vs. performance based solutions, and ensure you understand what you need and what you’ll get based on what you purchase.

To put it simply, we do it right or you don’t pay for it.  We’re there for our customers when they need us, and do everything in our power to ensure they don’t.  Our customers are our best testament to that fact, as we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a 90% client retention rate over a decade of being in business.

At Simply Support, we solve your technology puzzles, so you can run your business.

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