Solving Your Technology Puzzles

Self Help

Some resources to help YOU help yourself.

As intimidating as problem solving can be, when you have the right information and tools, some problems will be easy to solve for you. Some might require further assistance, and when that happens, we’re here for you.

Common things you can do when issues arise:

1. Reboot your computer

  • Computers are getting pretty good at memory management and keeping things running smoothly, but they’re not perfect. Sometimes things get a little “glitched out” when a computer has been running too long. A reboot clears memory, and gives the PC a fresh start.

2 Turn off your computer and leave it for a little while

  • When you get frustrated, sometimes the best thing is to just take a short breather, which will give you a chance to lower your frustration level, and give your computer a short hiatus from dealing with the 1000s of things it has to deal with every second. Once you’ve had a moment to recharge and refill your coffee, fire it back up, and start clean.

Of course, those won’t help much with infections or hardware problems – if the fans are grinding, or a cloud of dust erupts when you hit the power button to fire the system up from a cold start, it may be time to have us give you a maintenance check up.

Malware and Safety