Solving Your Technology Puzzles

Malware and Safety

Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Pishing, Trojans, and Pharming: what on earth do all these terms mean and how do they affect you.

Simply put, all of these are programs or files are on your computer that are put on your computer without your knowledge or permission. To use a cancer analogy, some are benign, being they do not effect the performance of your computer but pay be used to reveal information about you. Some are malicious, meaning they can actively steal information from you computer, breach your security, and steal speed and power from your system so you can’t get things done.

Protecting yourself from these threats is extremely important to both the security of you files, your productivity, and your piece of mind. Simply Support has developed a strong system of programs that will assist you to keep you and yours safe from these threats.

In many cases, removal of these malicious programs can be very easy with the right software. In other cases, these programs are extremely difficult to remove. There is a multibillion dollar industry in Malware, and they pay their programmers very well to ensure that their programs are easy to get onto your system, and almost impossible to remove.

Many techies will often give up and suggest wiping your hard drive and starting over when they are faced with the worst Malware infections. Fortunately, in 95% of the cases, this is simply not required. All you need is a technical consultant with the right mindset and skills to understand and circumvent those well paid programmers, and get the spyware off your system. At Simply Support, we are the proprietors of just that type of knowledge, and are able to save even the worst infected systems in almost ever case.

Every day, dozens of new kinds of infections are introduced into the wild. Let Simply Support help protect you from these threats.