Solving Your Technology Puzzles

Solution Based Billing

– If anyone ever tells you that they know everything about IT, you can look them straight in the eye and tell them they’re lying.

– Our entire industry completely changes every three years.  Because of this constant evolution, it is impossible for everyone to be current with every technology, operating system, or software platform that is released.

– To make it more interesting, all the programs are constantly being updated, not always with consideration to how the update may interact with the other software on your system.  To top that off, we have a multibillion dollar industry of bad guys that are trying to infect your system with a Virus or Spyware.

– That said, when you hire someone to address your IT needs, you’re hiring an expert and expect that expert to resolve your problem and in the timeline you were quoted.

– It is for this reason we developed the concept of solution based billing.  The concept is simple.  You pay for what it takes us to implement a solution, not the time it took for us to figure out the solution.