Solving Your Technology Puzzles

What We Sell

There are a number of system configurations we have available to sell, and stand behind 100%

Refurbished Systems – these are enterprise caliber desktop systems ready to perform with poise in your environment, in a variety of configurations ranging from bare bones to exceptional performance.

  • HP DC7700 – A basic system with a rock solid reputation, these systems won’t win any records for their speed, but they’ll outlast pretty much anything you can buy retail, and keep up too! This is the most basic system we recommend.¬†Will run office software, allow web browsing, some basic gaming ability.
  • HP xw4600 – Similar to the DC7700, but it’s a workhorse – low end of the high end. It offers substantial speed along with rock solid reliability. Will run office software, graphic editing software, databases, CAD, and so forth. Will wipe the floor with most of the systems you can buy retail, and keep coming back for more.

Custom Builds

  • Built for speed, power and reliability, we use top quality components to provide strong systems with epic capability. using third generation i-series Intel processors, these are systems we can stand behind, and recommend. We can tailor them to your needs, regardless of what you’re looking to use them for. The sky is the limit!


  • Lenovo Thinkpads are the epitome of excellence, with a rock solid reputation and well deserved loyalty. Whether you’re looking for a refurbished model to give you the performance you need within a budget, or a screaming fast brand new system, we have options for you. Legendary security, and long term reliability are the cornerstone of these brilliant systems. When the average useful life expectancy of consumer laptops is 1-3 years at the high end, these systems often blaze through 5-7 years without slowing down, and keeping up with the new systems coming out. Total cost to purchase is higher, but the lifetime cost of ownership is much lower – one of these will keep you going 2-3 times as long as something you buy retail, and cost you less over that time, including purchase price.


  • We sell HP Proliant Generation 8 Servers, with 1 or 2 6 Core, 64 Bit Intel Xeon processors – systems that will keep your business up and running through the most demanding workflow needs. From a basic Active Directory and File Services configuration, to a Remote Desktop server, Application server, or a full fledged Exchange and Sharepoint services setup, whether you need 1 server or 10, we can build and configure it so it supports the weight of your company, regardless of how fast you grow.