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Total IT for Small Business

A small business network is best designed to be invisible to the people using it. You should simply be able to log in to the system you’re using, and have it work – every time.

Behind the scenes, we set a number of things to run automatically, and to notify of any issues that may be on the verge of cropping up.

Ideally, what we’d like to see on a small business domain?

  • Basic Server Functionality
  • Exchange Server – email and communications
  • Productivity Software consistent across your organization
  • Consistent backup abilities and redundancies, so files or email are always secure
  • A Consistent Computing platform (all computers the same make/model/specifications)

When every computer in your network is running the same software and hardware, it makes replacements or repairs vastly simpler, and much less time consuming. Computers do fail from time to time, so we have to ensure that anything that happens to any system on your network is something we can fix quickly, with a minimum of downtime – whether it be the servers at the center of everything, desktops, laptops, even smart phones and tablets.

When we have a clear view of the policies, procedures and infrastructure involved in keeping your business on the go, we can make sure it keeps going just the way you need it.

We’ll put together a plan to migrate your network to a modern, fully integrated solution that will cover all the bases you need in order to make it work exactly as it should.

We’ll make sure the plan fits with your needs, as well as your budget – we can do a full purchase/build/install, from the basic infrastructure required all the way to the computers that operate on the network, so everything works perfectly in sync with everything else, from the internet connection and firewall, to the network, your phone system, the server (or servers) and individual computers.