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About Us

Your IT infrastructure is a complex puzzle that supports your ability to be competitive, efficient, and profitable. The problem is choosing the right pieces–the right cloud servers, hardware and software solutions–to create a business picture that is geared for success. We help you chose the right pieces that fit together perfectly so you can spend less time putting things together and more time getting back to business.

At Simply Support, we solve your technology puzzles. 

Our Purpose

“Making your technology work for you —  Simply, without techno-speak.”
– Jason, Partner

Our Support Model

What does Simply Support mean? It’s pretty simple:

It’s supporting people, educating you and your staff on the digital products and services you own so you can make the most of them.

It’s supporting software, troubleshooting issues, and recommending new ways of doing things so your business can thrive.

It’s supporting hardware, backing up critical information, and staying on top of trends so your business’ infrastructure is secure, fast, and up to date.

Our Values

Simply Support was founded with the idea of supporting people, not computers. We provide technology support and consulting services to small to medium sized businesses in Calgary and the surrounding area. Our primary focus is to make tech support effortless for our clients. We do this through a consultative approach, identifying needs and then assisting our clients in meeting those needs. Our approach is taken with integrity, efficiency and budget at the forefront.

People are Problem Solvers

The best way to solve a problem is to talk about it with someone, not to go through a phone menu pressing 1 or 2. We answer 98% of the phone calls we receive, and we’re committed to returning all of our calls.

Size Matters Not

No matter if you’re a one-man army or a team of 100, your IT problems are important and should be dealt with in a timely manner. If it’s a priority for you, it’s a priority for us.

Solutions Focused Support

We’re here to help you get the right solution that works for your situation, not to spend a bunch of time on YouTube. You should pay for what you get, and that’s a solution that works for your business.

We’re All Professionals

You’re an expert in your field, and it’s an honour that you chose us to be your expert in the field of IT management. We’ll only ever recommend professional grade hardware and software solutions for your business.